mercredi 9 décembre 2009

The complete works !

If you don't want to bother downloading every track one by one, I've just made a .zip file with my 68 mashups and 4 remixes. A manner to thank you for your faithfulness and for the nice comments I have...

Mighty Mike - The complete works (until December 9th)

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LeeO a dit…

Million thanks man, u are an inspiration. I saw Victoria Secret show on TV in Germany and when I heard the music I instantly jumped to the internet to look for the song.....Epic....U are an international star now! :)
Keep up the good work.
BTW how can I download the whole file via MEGAUPLOAD? do I need to register? coz everytime the site tells me to wait, then I wait and it tells me that I exceeded the maximum amount of download allowed despite having done no download at all!

Mighty Mike a dit…

Thanks for your kindness, Lee.
Normally, no need to register on Megaupload, you just have to type the 3 letters and the number on the right... Maybe an issue on the server ?

LeeO a dit…

I think something is wrong with their server. but now im listening to ur songs on Facebook. Wow! it must have taken you lot of time to mash up all these songs. RESPECT.
By the way I always thought of Mashing up these 2 songs:
Cypress Hill- Superstar
Bush- Machine head
Do you think they are compatible?

Cheers from Germany

Ivo a dit…

Nice one, I've been downloading them one by one for a while. Didn't know there were 68 already. Must have missed a couple :-)

julain a dit…

Excellent! This is like a tiny Christmas!
I'm glad "Use the Same Old Song" is getting attention. It is definitely my favorite mash-up.
What programs do you use for your mash-ups?

Mighty Mike a dit…

Cheers, Julain !
I use Acid Pro for the time stretching and the pitch (sometimes Time Factory) and Adobe Audition to build the mashup.

Lee, I will check your links tonight...

DJ Useo a dit…

Many thanks for making all these,& even more for collecting them thus.
Keep on keepin' on!