lundi 21 septembre 2009

The Black Eyed Peas Vs. Snow Patrol

Sometimes, you think you've got a good idea, you make the track, then Google shows you a dozen of other versions ! Anyway, here's mine :

I gotta patrol
instrumental : Snow Patrol - Open your eyes
acapella : The Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling

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Amanece que no es poco - Blogger #1 a dit…

Hi from Spain!

I am a big fan of your work since I listened to in on a radio station here in spain. I began to search until I found your blog and it was one of the best things of the year (musically talking).

I always have wanted to make something like yours, but I´m affraid that I have not much patience like you... it must be a hard work.

By the way... I want to separate the music from the lyrics on a song of a group of Spain, but I do not find any decent software to make it. Could you give me a clue??? Or perhaps I could send you the song...

Once again, congratulations for your great job.

Best regards,

my blog: aqnep.blogspot