vendredi 6 juin 2008

3 boots for 1 'mental...

The first idea :

American Mama (2008)
Instrumental : Estelle - American Boy
+ The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil (solo de guitare)
Acapella : Genesis - Mama

Now let's try with the whole Rolling Stones song :

Sympathy for Estelle (2008)
Instrumental : Estelle - American Boy
Acapella : The Rolling Stones - Sympathty for the Devil

The last one was just for fun and for my daughter !

Un monde américain (2008)
Instrumental : Estelle - American Boy
Acapella : Ilona - Un monde parfait

Covers with Genesis and Ilona by Fissunix

1 commentaire:

Nathan a dit…

Lol you've really got me hook on this song. *Mentality of a 5 year old*
Anyway I love that you don't fall back on typical beat mixes. You manage the mash so perfectly.